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Do you use your mobile earphones with your computer?

Use your inline headphone buttons to Pause, Play or Skip your music and videos on your computer.

Or, turn your PC’s volume up, down or mute it with your earphone’s inline buttons, just as you would on your Android phone or tablet.  

The Thumpware Media Controller for Android headphones is an adapter to allow your inline headphone buttons to control the media playback and audio settings of your PC. 


The adapter connects between your headphones and your PC requiring only an additional free USB port.  

The audio signals continue to be sent via the normal headphone port while the media and audio control signals are sent via the USB port. 

When connected via USB the device registers as a HID (Human Interface Device) and is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. 


The genesis of this adapter was a desire to solve a personal problem. 

Both in a home environment, while living with someone who was infuriated by my inability to quickly respond to their hails and the frustration apparent at work, in an office where timely interaction was critical. 

I had been looking for this adapter for many years and was never able to find a solution.


All levels of funding will have your name prominently displayed at a URL on the product’s enclosure.

  • Tier 1: A support payment, at this tier you are helping us reach our goal but not receiving an adapter.
  • Tier 2: You will receive a Kickstarter branded edition of the product.
  • Tier 3: You will receive two Kickstarter branded editions of the product.
  • Tier 4: This final tier is for those wishing to go above and beyond, in addition to receiving an adapter you will also have your name embedded in the microcontroller’s firmware and these names will be available via a serial command for anyone exploring.


  •  2015 September – Atmel Development Board ‘Duct-Tape’ Proof of concept (P0  Prototype Stage)
  •  2015 November – ARM Development Board  Proof of concept Rebuild
  •  2016 January – Microchip DIP Breadboard Prototype
  •  2016 February – Microchip QFN Breakout Breadboard Prototype
  •  2016 May – 1st Works-Like PCB Prototype (P1 Prototype Stage)
  •  2016 September – 2nd  Works-Like  PCB Prototype
  •  2017 January – 3rd  Works-Like  PCB Prototype 
  •  2017 March – 4th  Works-Like  PCB Prototype (EVT – Preliminary engineering verification testing complete & user testing  started)
  •  2018 May – First Looks-Like Prototype
  •  2018 June – Second Looks-Like Prototype
  •  2018 September – First Integrated Prototype (P2 Prototype Stage)
  •  2018 October – Second Integrated Prototype (DVT – Preliminary design verification testing complete)
  •  2019 February – Created Kickstarter Campaign
  •  2019 March  *** Launched Kickstarter Campaign *** 
  •  2019 April – Finalize EVT, DVT & Complete production verification testing (PVT)
  •  2019 May – Begin Mass production (MP)
  •  2019 June – Ship to backers

Stretch goals

Carrying case: In the event that we raise twice as much as our funding goal we will create a custom case for the device to protect and cable manage the adapter in transport.  

Suggestions: If we blow past our stretch goal and raise four times as much as our funding goal we will then reach out to all of you to seek guidance on what you would like us to reward you with. 


My name is David Newbury. I am an Australian from Perth, born to British and Dutch parents and currently employed as a mechanical design engineer in the European aerospace industry. 

I have undergraduate and postgraduate education in industrial design and mechanical engineering. Innovative solutions to problems and enduring designs are the things I find most inspiring. 

A Founder Institute startup incubator alumni and award winning designer, I am committed to building the Thumpware brand and delivering this product to you.


  •  Width: 18mm
  •  Height: 11.5mm
  •  Length: 45mm
  •  Cable Length: 850mm 
  •  Material: Injection molded Polycarbonate (Prototype 3D printed from resin on a Formlabs Form 2)
  •  Processor: Microchip PIC16F1455 in a QFN package
  •  Device: USB HID Media Control Interface for Android headphones 

Cable Protection

the Thumpware Media Controller has four elements of protection for the cable.

The first is on the PCB, the wires, immediately following their soldered connection to the board, pass through the PCB. This immediately transfers any tension to the PCB’s fiberglass, not the fragile copper traces on the PCB.

Next, the cable is compressed between the two halves of the enclosure by notched extrusions inside the case that slightly bite into the cable, again, transferring any tension to the enclosure before it even reaches the PCB.

Where the cable exits the case, the case has been given a filleted (rounded) exit. This interface between the rigid case and the flexible cable is thus made less of a point force and less likely to damage the soft cable.

Finally, where the cable exits the case it has been reinforced with a secondary sheath to provide the cable with a standard strain relief feature.


Cable length

The cables are each 850mm long. Having over a 1.5-meter span between the ends of the connectors allows the adapter to cover any reasonable distance between the headphone port or USB port of your PC or Laptop.

Additionally, the long cables allow users with headphone amplifiers to connect the adapter easily. This adapter has been tested with desktop headphone amps and functions perfectly.



  • Female TRRS 3.5mm Audio Socket 
  • Male TRS 3.5mm Audio Plug
  • Male USB Type A Plug